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Agile Product Development: Successfully designing agile products

Shorter product life cycles, growing competitive pressure and ever more complex products lead to increasing demands on the product development of established companies and at the same time to a larger number of parallel development projects. In order to bring products to market faster and meet customer requirements as accurately as possible, companies are increasingly relying on agile principles in product development.

The application of agile approaches to the development of physical products and their implementation in existing structures presents established companies with new challenges. To enable companies from different industries to master this transformation and exploit the full potential of agile principles, we would like to work with a consortium to identify success patterns in the agile development of physical products.

The Fraunhofer IPT therefore conducts a benchmarking on the topic of "Agile Product Development" together with an international industrial consortium. The aim of this study is to identify and benefit from successful and proven solutions and success factors. Concepts, methods and procedures of successful practice companies should be identified in order to find out how physical products can be successfully developed and which approaches have proven to be successful.


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